Anuradhaa Bisani


All Arts Graduates themselves love, quite obviously, the visual arts. Yet, only a few stand out of the pack, who combine innovation with a passion for painting, drawing and crafting fine lines of subtlety within complexity. Anuradhaa Bisani is one such person, inspired by her mother who taught and encouraged her. Without any formal training in designing, she did what came to her naturally, and that was designing clothes initially for her friends. This extended over time to varied clientèle, and for the past 23 years she has grown from someone who started from scratch to someone who the fashion industry recognises instantly.

Anuradhaa believes that fashion is what makes a person feel comfortable and confident about themselves Being an artist as well as a designer, her eye for detail can be seen in her clothes.

She has showcased her work in 3 seasons of the Chennai International Fashion Week, Coast Guard Ballroom 2012 and 2016 and various other jewellery shows

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